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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I get this question a ton. There's a lot of excitement around the cyber security space but not a lot of clarity on what it means to work in cyber security.

The truth is, it means a lot of things. Saying you want to work in cybersecurity these days is akin to saying you want to have a job. Every time someone tells me they want to start working in cyber or make the transition from their career into one in cyber, my immediate next question is "what does that career look like to you?".

There are very business-centric cyber roles. There are consulting roles in cyber. There are deep-in-the-weeds-writing-assembly-level-exploits technical roles. There are cyber audit roles. If you want to start your career in cyber, I recommend starting by coming up with a vision for what that career looks like.

Are you in meetings with executives all day? Are you writing scripts? Are you traveling? Are you testing software? Are you hacking companies? Are you responding to incidents? Are you advising companies on how to mitigate their cyber risk? Are you designing network topologies? Are you writing business plans for what to do if and when your company is inevitably breached? Are you implementing enterprise-wide security software? Are you part of a big team? Are you part of a larger team with an established mentorship and development structure? Start by defining your end goal.

While you're on the hunt, check out my Youtube video on How to start a career in cyber security and stay tuned for more.

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