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Windows Administration commands

These are my own notes for being a wiz at the Windows command prompt. Use as you wish and don't run anything in prod without testing it first :)

If you're messing around in your lab, have a go at each of these commands. Leave comments below if you need clarification here or would like additional topics covered

Calculate the hash of a file

Powershell > Get-FileHash -alg <algorithm> <path to file>
Using Windows Native binaries > certutil.exe -hashfile <path to file> <algorithm>

Managing IPSec Rules

Using Windows native binaries; launch netsh in a command prompt and issue the following commands:

IPSEC configurations proceed as follows

IPSEC Policy --> Rules --> Filter Lists --> Filter Action

To list all of the active policies

 show policy all 

To list the rules within a specific policy

show rule all policy=<policy name>

To show all of the filter lists that are included on a machine

show filterlist [all | name | rule]

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